joi, 28 aprilie 2016

Software tour wizard

I have just finished evaluating a new piece of software that I intend to use in my real estate company. And after I have tested and dismissed a lot of sililar solutions I have to say that I am really impressed in what I saw as real value in this software solution - named tour wizard.

You can test it yourself at the address, which might not be the best choice in terms of branding, but it does offer a lot more than what seams in an initial point.

The best thing that I have noticed consists in the fact that it is really easy to use, easier than any other platform that you can find in the market, in fact it is so easy to use that even my employees that really hate doing anything on the computer are enjoying in use this application to create virtual tours for the properties that they are prompting for rental or sale.

Now... the most interesting thing that I have noticed so far is that it helps a lot in improving the sales while doing a lot less visualizations that with conventional marketing materials

Some strong points that they are promoting on their website are:
  • Manage your own business (you can define your own business)
  • No experience needed (really true)
  • Ready-to-go platform (exactly)
  • Start-to-finish support (great suport)
  • Never worry about technology again (not quite... but pretty fair)
  • Highly interactive Virtual Tour Presentations
  • Efficient and easy-to-use features
  • Continuous software updates
And there is a lot value there. Really good software that I would recommend to all the real estate specialists.

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