vineri, 11 martie 2016

How to maximize your property investment value?

The last 10 years have been very tough for everyone who was working in the real estate industry, as the financial crisis basically collapsed all the industry, along with the adjacent software providers, support companies and also with the construction industry.

It has been a very tough time for everyone, but at least in the recent past the things seem to improve a lot. The real estate industry is developing again, a lot of companies are putting a lot of efort in developing a very good online presence (as in the recent years it became the most important source of leads) and least but not last, the technology improved in such a way, that everyone can benefit of some very neat software platforms that are capable to offer new, cutting edge, marketing techniquest for real estate companies.

For instance... if you have a real estate company and you want to promote some new appartments located in a new building that are ready to be used, you can simpy create a virtual tour - which basically will allow a certain person (which might be a potential client) to carefully take a look at all the interesting parts of a building or appartment.

And the nicest thing about this is that the person that is building the virtual tour only needs some pictures - as the application is very easy to use for everyone.

It is very funny if we think that a couple of years ago we were visiting each appartment to study and analyse it, and today we simply need a smartphone and we can basically see a virtual tour of everything.

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